February Flora, Plants We Love

Posted on February 8, 2016

Love your garden year round! Thoughtful plant placement can brighten any gray day. Here are a few plants we love and must haves for your winter garden!

Fragrant Sweet Box

Sarcococca ruscifolia

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Few shrubs can raise the spirits in winter as much as this beautiful evergreen shrub. The glossy dark foliage hides the tiny white late-winter to early-spring flowers from view – but it doesn’t mask their intense, intoxicatingly sweet fragrance. An outstanding choice for dry shade gardens where other plants won’t grow.  Lovers of fragrance take note!

Black Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’

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Distinguished by its striking deep purple-black leaves, ‘Nigrescens’ is a grassy, evergreen member of the lily family.  A favorite to use in planters, this bold yet delicate looking plant is an excellent contrast to vibrant succulents. and can stand alone in a winter planter while other plants lay dormant.

Euphorbia Rigida

Silver Spurge

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A unique, bold sculptural plant.  Euphorbia rigida originates from the Mediterranean, where it is found on dry rocky slopes and scrubland, so it is very tolerant of drought once it becomes established.  Each stem is biennial, so will produce leaves in its first year and flower in its second. Once the stem has produced a flower it should be cut right back to its base, or to a point where there is new growth emerging, in midsummer. This will make way for lots of new, fresh shoots. When working with spurges always wear gloves since the milky sap is poisonous and a potential skin irritant.

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